Thesis Info


2021 January


Davide Spallazzo


Yiwei Liao


Consolidation Thesis


UX design, UI design

Mixed Reality, Game Design, Interaction Design

Digital Immersive Battle Arena

With the development of communication and digital technologies and 5G network, more and more fields like industry, education, medicine, concert and game have more opportunities to develop. This thesis aims to design a new form of game that applies some new communication and digital technologies to find the potential ways of interaction in the digital immersive battle arena, which is totally interactive and can provide some new experiences, and to find the trend of this field. The first 2 parts introduces the background of 5G and some new-type games, then the thesis researches some cases in order to know the state of art in this field. Related technologies’ research is at the following part including MR technology, MR glasses, 3D mapping projection, localization system as well as interactive devices. Before the game design part, different methods (questionnaire and investigation) are used to understand what the design points are and how to define the persona. The thesis shows the game and final design of this project. It introduces every part of game design and shows some prototypes like the 3D mapping’s effect, users’ view in the MR glasses and so on at the end part.