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We plan education as a form of experimental design and as a dialogue about design principles, methods and tools, so to acquire knowledge and skills for responsible progress and innovation.

Margherita Pillan

Course Coordinator

Responding to the development of Information and Communication Technologies in the last decades, the course will provide knowledge and design experiences in all the application fields of digital technologies: interactive and connected products, responsive environments, tangible and multimedia interfaces, personal artifacts.
The focus is on design for experience through the innovation of artifacts, spaces and services. The course aims at training highly qualified professionals who are able to employ technology potentials in all design application domains, drive design processes in multidisciplinary contexts and use design tools to represent both material and non-material dimensions of interactive experiences.

Taught Disciplines

  • User experience
  • Storytelling
  • Interaction design
  • Digital art
  • Physical prototyping
  • Virtual prototyping

2 Years Programme

English Language Teaching

Around 60 Students
Per Year

Milan, Bovisa
Campus School of Design

Exchange Program

Quality in teaching and research benefits from Politecnico di Milano internationalization strategy. Politecnico di Milano has a number of exchange agreements with the most qualified universities in Europe and in the world.
Indeed, every year more than 1,000 international students attend one of the mobility programmes in which Politecnico di Milano is actively involved.



The internship (also called traineeship, stage, tirocinio) is a form of short-term on-the-job training, in Italy or outside it, at any type of public or private body (companies, firms, institutions, universities, organizations, associations, research centres). It can be curricular compulsory(for university credits – CFU) or curricular non compulsory(no CFU recognized).


Double Degree

As part of its international activities, Politecnico di Milano has signed a number of bilateral agreements with some European and non-European partners, to give its students the opportunity to spend a period of study abroad, attending courses aimed at achieving a double degree (Master of Science degree, plus a foreign qualification).



Prototipi Lab

The Interaction Design Area (IDEA) of Prototype Lab is specifically designed to support students with tools, micro controllers, sensors for the physical computing.

Study room & Library


Pillan Margherita. Course Coordinator
Davide Spallazzo. Secretary
Mariana Ciancia. Internship and relation with companies
Venere Ferraro. Erasmus and international programs