Thesis Info


2021 January


Alessandro Manzi


Zhou Dongjin


Research Thesis


UI design, UX design, App Design, Prototype, Augmented Reality, Immersive Performance


This research aims to explore how interaction design principles can be embedded in fashion environment and to identify opportunities that can accelerate the development of the fashion industry in response to the impact of the digitalisation. First, retracing the evolutionary history of fashion shows defines the stakeholders and their needs. Then, this thesis explores the social and commercial positioning of the show in current. Also, it analyses the structure of interaction during the show processing by using user experience design approaches. Reverse reflection on the fashion show producing system provides the pain-points in the digitalisation process. Also, epidemic dramatically brings digitalisation to next level. By analysing the user psychology during the epidemic and the response strategies and results of each brand, this thesis summarises the current user needs and development opportunities. Finally, it offers a sustainable and user-centred design system for interactive fashion performing which maintains the value of commercial potential and social identity. In order to verify the feasibility of the system, it was required a large amount of quantitative and qualitative data through the use of survey and in-depth interviews and developed an augmented reality fashion show application for testing usability.

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