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Digital Technologies and Society

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Course Timing

1st Year- 2nd Semester


Fiammetta Costa, Laura Varisco

About Digital Technologies and Society

The course focuses on technological advancement in its mutual influence with society. It is organised in two topic areas articulated in several seminars. For each of the seminar, the invited guest will provide a lecture and a group of students will present a related topic so to stimulate the discussion and open a debate. The topics are: Digital data as personal capital and Environmental and social sustainability.

Guest Speakers

Simona Chiodo, Aesthetics, Politecnico di Milano; Domenico Napolitano, Humanities and Technologies, Università Suor Orsola Benincasa di Napoli; Ivana Pais, Economic Sociology, Università Cattolica; Elena Panciroli, Designer, Politecnico di Milano; Jomari Peterson, Lead Software Architect, Arkius; Viola Schiaffonati, Logic And Philosophy of Science, Politecnico di Milano; Simone Tosoni, Sociology of communication, Università Cattolica; Agnese Trocchi and Carlo Milani, Centro Internazionale di Ricerca per la Convivialità Elettrica.

Student Papers

CTE-STEM_2021 A Framework for Integrating Computational and Design Thinking Processes

DIS_2021 Analysis of Gender Stereotypes for the Design of Service Robots